Automatic full discovery reveals any changes in the configuration or connectivity of a device and keeps the topology current.

The parameters that control automatic full discovery are located on the Topology tab of the Domain Manager Administration Console. By default, automatic full discovery is disabled for the MPLS Topology Server.

Automatic full discovery should be enabled and scheduled for the one or more IP Availability Manager sources, not for the MPLS Topology Server. That way, whenever an IP Availability Manager source performs an automatic full discovery, the MPLS Topology Server performs an automatic full discovery.

Also, when you configure automatic full discovery, say weekly or daily, you should schedule the full discovery during off hours (5 A.M., for example). Running the discovery more often will provide a more accurate MPLS, VPN, and BGP topology, but will also cost more in terms of network and system resources.

The IP Manager User Guide provides instructions for enabling and scheduling automatic full discovery for IP Availability Manager.