MPLS Manager works with Network Protocol Manager for BGP to perform MPLS-BGP cross-domain correlation. The correlation associates MPLS L3VPNs with their underlying BGP sessions, which enables MPLS Manager to identify and report BGP failures or misconfigurations that impact the L3VPNs.

When MPLS-BGP cross-domain correlation is enabled, MPLS Manager discovers BGP topology and subscribes to status updates in Network Protocol Manager for BGP. It imports BGP-enabled devices from IP Availability Manager and queries the devices to discover the following BGP topology:

  • Autonomous systems

  • BGP services

  • BGP protocol endpoints

  • BGP sessions

    MPLS Manager computes an “UnderlyingVPN” relationship between the discovered BGP sessions and the discovered L3VPNs, and uses the relationship to generate VPN-impacted events for failed, misconfigured, or manually disabled BGP sessions.

    By default, MPLS Manager is not enabled to perform MPLS-BGP cross-domain correlation. The MPLS Manager Configuration Guide provides instructions for enabling this feature.