The Adapter for Alcatel-Lucent 5620 SAM EMS User Guide describes the Adapter in detail and presents configuration procedures for the Adapter.

Configuring the connection from the Adapter to a Domain Manager, such as IP Availability Manager or the MPLS Topology Server, is achieved by setting a particular parameter in the Adapter’s emsConfig.import file. For example, setting the AMServerName parameter value to the name of an IP Availability Manager will cause the Adapter to forward to that IP Availability Manager the topology data that is expected by an IP Availability Manager.

As an aside, the Adapter will set the ServiceName attribute of each object that it forwards to a Domain Manager to the name of the Adapter, to identify the Adapter as the object’s source. By doing so, any other Domain Manager that imports or is assigned these objects will be able to use the ServiceName value to subscribe to the Adapter for status updates. By this means, for example, the MPLS VPN-Tagging Server is able to subscribe to the Adapter for RouteChangedLastAt attribute updates.