IPv6 discovery is supported for BGP, IS-IS and OSPF devices only.

The prerequisites are:

  1. Discovery of the following IPv6 entities by IP AM-PM Domain Manager:

    • IPv6 addresses

      • IPv6 network

      • IPv6 topology (underlying physical and logical interfaces)


        Start the IP AM-PM server in IPv4v6 or IPv6v4 mode in order to discover the IPv6 topology. Recommended discovery option is IPV4FIRST_IPV6NEXT. The discovery option can be set in the discovery.conf file located in <BASEDIR>/smarts/conf/discovery directory:


  2. For CLI based discovery, the CLI access settings for the devices should be configured. Configure the CLI Access Settings for the devices in IP Domain Manager Administration Console > Polling and Threshold console > Device Access tab under Device Access Configurations.

  3. For IP v6 discovery in Network Protocol Manager, the IPV6LinkLocalAddressEnabled attribute should be set to TRUE in the discovery.conf file of the IP Domain Manager.