The Failover solution includes automatic failover for the Broker in a failover deployment. The Failover Manager treats Brokers as Active or Standby. The Failover Manager monitors the Active Broker, detects when an Active Broker fails, and switches the newly-promoted Broker for other Active Domain Managers.

Following figure shows the deployment of the failover solution to support Broker failover.

Figure 1. Broker failover

The Broker failover setup includes two or more hosts with identical configuration. Each host can run one or more Brokers. All Brokers that are configured on these hosts are running at all times.

The Failover Manager monitors any number of Brokers you have defined. If the Active host has multiple Brokers configured, the Failover Manager recognizes them in the order of their entries in the failover.conf as Broker0 (first entry), Broker1, and so on. Typically, the Broker is deployed on the same host as the Service Assurance Manager and the Failover Manager.