The Enricher enriches the VMware Telco Cloud Service Assurance records with the data provided in the reference data topic, which means the users need to add the external reference data to the reference topic of the Enrichers before the Enrichers can enrich the VMware Telco Cloud Service Assurance records.


  1. Navigate to Administration > Configuration > Enrichment.
  2. Select the Enrichment, and click Add Reference Data in the action menu.
    The Add Reference Data window displays as below. It allows you to choose a reference data file that contains the referenced data in CSV format. The file must have .csv as the file extension. Please refer to the Pushing External Data from CSV section of the document for the detailed format of the CSV file.

    • The reference data is not persisted. It is sent to the Kafka reference topic directly to be used by a running enrichment. The reference data need to be added again after the users stop and start the Enrichment.
    • By default, the maximum file size is 10 MB, the admin can update the environment variable MAX_REFERENCE_DATA_SIZE and MAX_TOTAL_REFERENCE_DATA_SIZE of the Enrichment service to change the maximum file size.