This document provides installation and uninstallation procedures for:

  • IP Manager :The IP Manager includes the following products:
    • IP Availability Manager
    • IP Performance Manager
    • IP Server Performance Manager
    • IP Availability Manager Extension for NAS
  • Server Manager : The Server Manager includes the Server Manager software.
  • Service Assurance Manager: The Service Assurance Manager product includes the following components:
    • Global Manager
    • Broker
    • MBIM — Maintenance and Business Impact Manager Server
    • Generic notification adapters such as Log File, SNMP Trap, Script, and email
    • EMC Data Access API
      • Data Web Applications (Tomcat)
      • Notification Exchange (Rabbit MQ)
      • Notification Cache (ElasticSearch)
  • Global Console : The Global Console product is the graphical interface for all products.

    Global Console functionality can also be deployed as a Web Console or a Business Dashboard.

  • Adapter Platform : The SAM Adapter Platform product provides functionality to import and normalize topology and events from outside the domain.
  • MPLS Management Suite
  • Network Protocol Management Suite
  • Syslog Adapter : The Syslog Adapter product reads and processes system log (Syslog) messages. It requires the SAM Adapter Platform.
  • Notification Module : The Notification Module (NOTIF) augments solutions with event management features that are configured through a graphical user interface (the NOTIF Editor). NOTIF enables the user to easily optimize the flow of events and notifications sent through any system. NOTIF can be installed on either the SAM server or Adapter Platform server, or both. The internal event and notification processing features of the standard SAM Adapter Platform are replaced by NOTIF.
    Note: NOTIF functionality and architecture is discussed in the Notification Module User Guide.
  • Notification Module Cisco Syslog Processing Adapter : The Notification Module Cisco Syslog Processing Adapter (referred to as the NOTIF Cisco Syslog Adapter) replaces the log file processing features of the standard Syslog Adapter. The NOTIF Cisco Syslog Adapter processes the log file information into useful notifications with or without the use of ASL scripts.
    Note: The Notification Module Cisco Syslog Processing Adapter Installation and User Guide provides additional information on this adapter.
  • SNMP Trap Adapter : The SNMP Trap Adapter product reads SNMP traps and forwards traps to any application. It requires the SAM Adapter Platform.
  • XML Adapter : The XML Adapter product imports and exports topology from any application.