In this topic, you can find information about commands to start domain managers in server way in EDAA mode.

You need to run the following commands for the respective domain managers to start the server in EDAA mode.

IP Server:

${IP-Basedir}/bin/sm_server -n ${Servername} -c icf --bootstrap=bootstrap-am-pm.conf -b ${Broker-Host}:${Broker-Port} --edaa=ip/2.0 --output –daemon

SAM Server:

${SAM-Basedir}/bin/sm_server -n ${Servername} -c ics -b ${Broker-Host}:${Broker-Port} --edaa=sam-presentation/2.0 --output --daemon

ESM Server:

${ESM-Basedir}/bin/sm_server -n ${ESM-ServerName} -c esm -b ${Broker-Host}:${Broker-Port} --edaa=esm/2.0 --output --daemon

NPM Servers:

${NPM-Basedir}/bin/sm_server -n ${BGP-ServerName} -c bgp -b ${Broker-Host}:${Broker-Port} --edaa=bgp/2.0 --output --daemon

${NPM-Basedir}/bin/sm_server -n ${OSPF-ServerName} -c ospf -b ${Broker-Host}:${Broker-Port} --edaa=ospf/2.0 --output --daemon

${NPM-Basedir}/bin/sm_server -n ${EIGRP-ServerName} -c eigrp -b ${Broker-Host}:${Broker-Port} --edaa=eigrp/2.0 --output --daemon

${NPM-Basedir}/bin/sm_server -n ${ISIS-ServerName} -c isis -b ${Broker-Host}:${Broker-Port} --edaa=isis/2.0 --output --daemon

MPLS Servers:

${MPLS-Basedir}/bin/sm_server -n ${MPLS_AnaServer} -b ${Broker-Host}:${Broker-Port} -c mpls-a --edaa=mpls-analysis/2.0 --output --daemon

${MPLS-Basedir}/bin/sm_server -n ${MPLS_MonServer} -b ${Broker-Host}:${Broker-Port} -c mpls-m --edaa=mpls-monitoring/2.0 --output --daemon

${MPLS-Basedir}/bin/sm_server -n ${MPLS_TopoServer} -b ${Broker-Host}:${Broker-Port} -c mpls-t --edaa=mpls-topology/2.0 --output –daemon