1. Execute this command to get a list of uploaded collector packages

    curl -k -u admin:changeme $TCSA_URL/dcc/v1/packages

  2. Create or Update the file build_config.properties and add/update below information


Execute below command from the base directory to build and upload collector package:

./build.sh <path to solution pack folder > <name of the solution pack> --upload  

<path to solution pack folder> : the solution pack folder is the folder that contains the "blocks" and "images" directories  and the description, meta, licences and logo files. 

<name of the solution pack> : the name of the solution pack will be used as the name of the package file. Any spaces before  and after the name will be withdraw and any spaces, _ or . characters in the name will be replace by an - character.


  1. Set the environment variable TCSA_URL

To build and upload SNMP collector, execute command:

./build.sh custom_snmp/trunk/blocks/collect custom_snmp --upload

To build snmp collector without uploading, execute below command

./build.sh custom_snmp/trunk/blocks/collect custom_snmp