This section contains troubleshooting instructions on the SDK Collectors.

Once the custom collector is deployed using collector manager in VMware Telco Cloud Service Assurance, and the collector is not collecting data.

  • Verify whether there is a collector instance created with a category <custom-collector-package Name > in Administration > Collectors And Connectors  > Collectors and ensure that the collector is in the running state.

Figure 1.
  • If Collector is in Failed or Stopped state, click start .

Figure 2.
  • To verify the logs from the associated collector, run the following command where the collector instance name is same as in the Administration > Data Collector for the category.

kubectl get pods --selector 'app=collector-manager'| grep <Collector instance name shown in the UI> | awk '{print $1}'

kubectl get pods --selector 'app=collector-manager'| grep demo-custom | awk '{print $1}'

kubectl logs -f demo-custom-7b65bb7597-z4545