In smarts-metrics, the metric data from the INCHARGE-AM-PM domain manager is collected, and as a result the corresponding reports are not displaying the new/updated data.

Steps to troubleshoot the logs:
  1. Verify whether the collector is running by selecting the status column for the Notification collector under Administration > Integrations > Smarts Integrations > Select SAM > Details > Domain Manager Details > Metric Collectors.
  2. get instance name
    kubectl get deploy -o=custom-columns=",SEC:.spec.template.spec.containers[*].env[*].value" | grep <SAM ADDRESS>| grep smarts-metrics |cut -f 1 -d ' '
    get pods name
    kubectl get pods -o wide --show-labels  --selector 'app=collector-manager ,instance_id=<instance name from previous command>'| awk '{print $1}'
    get logs
    kubectl logs -f <pod name from above command>