To troubleshoot pods, follow the steps:
  1. Edit all the data pods (pods starts with arangodb-prmr*), using command:
    kubectl delete pod <podname>
    Note: Run for all the three data pods.
  2. Ensure that, all pods are terminated.
  3. If pods are taking longer time to repond, then terminate forcefully using command:
    kubectl patch pod/<podname>  --type json -p $'- op: remove\n  path: /metadata/finalizers'
    For example:
    kubectl patch pod/arangodb-prmr-kkmjqqxc-b542f9  --type json -p $'- op: remove\n  path: /metadata/finalizers'
  4. After deleting all the terminating state pods, if the cluster is not running, run the following command:
    kubectl delete pod/arangodb-prmr-kkmjqqxc-b542f9  --grace-period=0  --force