The VMware Telco Cloud Automation manager UI provides information about CNF instantiation.

To obtain additional information, run helm CLI commands against the CNFs.

  1. To list all the CNFs:
    root [ ~/tcx/scripts ]# helm list
    NAME                    NAMESPACE       REVISION        UPDATED                                 STATUS          CHART                   APP VERSION
    admin-opera-39526-teo8r default         1               2022-06-27 22:21:23.436735731 +0000 UTC deployed        admin-operator-0.2.1    1.2.0
    tcx-init-00-ca7ba-gxhcq default         1               2022-06-27 22:11:55.083527832 +0000 UTC deployed        tcx-init-0.0.1          0.0.1
  2. To get the Helm deployment configuration for a CNF:
    helm get all tcx-init-00-ca7ba-gxhcq