To check the probe readiness, use the command:
#kubectl describe pod/elasticsearch-data-x

Displays the latest event that Readiness probe failed, as below:

Root Cause

The master nodes in the ElasticSearch cluster are not in sync.
  1. Log in to one of the ElasticsSearch master pod, by executing the command:
    #kubectl exec -it elasticsearch-master-x – bash
  2. Check the cluster master node status, by using the command:
    #curl http://elasticsearch:9200/_cat/nodes


  3. To logout, enter command Exit.
  4. Compare the IP's address for:
    • elasticsearch-master-0
    • elasticsearch-master-1
    • elasticsearch-master-2
    • With, the IP's address of the elasticsearch-master pods, using command:
      #kubectl get pods -o wide | grep elasticsearch-master


      If the IP's of any master node mismatch, there might be problem with the master cluster formation.


  1. Shut down the master nodes, using command:
    #kubectl scale --replicas=0 statefulset.apps/elasticsearch-master
  2. Ensure that, all the master nodes are down.
  3. Restart the master nodes, using command:
    # kubectl scale --replicas=3 statefulset.apps/elasticsearch-master
  4. Ensure that, all the master nodes and data nodes are up and running and ready.