This section describes the procedure, how to update device access settings for DCF in IP Availability and Performance Manager.

To update device access setting for DCF in IP Availability and Performance Manager:


DCF must be installed.


  1. Click Device Access tab at the bottom of Polling and Thresholds window.
  2. Expand Data Collector Access Group > Settings.
  3. Click Data Collector Access Setting.
  4. Select Access Protocol. Protocol must be HTTPS.
    HostnameOrIPAddress field must be populated with Control plane or Frontend UI node IPAddress
  5. Enter username and password for DCF.
  6. Confirm password for DCF.
  7. Enter the Port number for DCF as 30002 for the TKG deployments. For an Azure deployment, enter DCF port number as 443.
  8. Click Apply to apply the settings.
  9. Click Reconfigure to complete the configuration on the server.