Table widget are reports of table type whose columns can be fully customized by the administrator. The TopN reports are standard table type reports.

The drilldown URL link can be added for any column in a Table. As shown in the below example, drill down is added for the column Device Name with the URL of the report that needs to be launched with the arguments. Drill down URL can be different for each columns.

URL: d/wWdLCPhZk/network-device-drill-down?Inventory_data0?tab=visualization&orgId=1&from=now-24h&to=now&var-Device=$__cell_1.

Report to be launched : network-device-drill-down.

  • $__cell_1 - is the name device in the selected cell. From and to time interval also can be passed an argument to the URL.

After adding the URL, the drill down can be launched by clicking on any cell of the column for which the URL is included:

Click network-device-drill-down, the report is launched for the selected Device Name “bq-sw1”.