This section explains how to add additional SAM in the VMware Telco Cloud Service Assurance.


  1. Navigate to Administration > Configuration > Collectors and Connectors > Smarts Integration.
    The Smarts Integration page appears.
  2. Click the vertical ellipsis (⋮) icon against the broker name and click Details.
  3. Click Add SAM.
  4. Enter the following details:
    1. Presentation SAM: Select the Presentation SAM from the drop-down menu.
      Note: Select SAM's that are confgured as Presentation SAM only.
    2. SAM Credentials: Select the SAM Credentials from the drop-down. By default defaultSmartsDomainCredential is populated in the drop-down.
      1. defaultSmartsDomainCredential uses admin as UserName and changeme as Password.
      2. SAM Credentials used by VMware Telco Cloud Service Assurance must belong to administrator profile.
      3. Name of Presentation SAM selected must be unique with-in list of SAM configured in VMware Telco Cloud Service Assurance. This constraint applies to SAMs across brokers configured in VMware Telco Cloud Service Assurance.
    3. EDAA URL: EDAA URL is automatically assigned, based on the broker selection.
      Note: All the Domain Managers underlying to SAM server, must be EDAA enabled. Additionally, the hostname populated in EDAA URL field must be resolvable by DNS. In case if the host name is not resolvable by DNS, then EDAA URL can be edited to use IP Address .
    4. EDAA Credentials:Select the EDAA credential from the drop-down. By default defaultSmartsEDAACredential credential is popuated in the drop-down. If there is no authentication configured for EDAA, then select NoAuth from the drop-down in the EDAA Credentials field.

      Note that, The defaultSmartsEDAACredential uses admin as UserName and changeme as Password. In case if the EDAA is backed by CAS authentication, then the credential should be that of administrator.

    Note: The Show Advanced Settings are auto populated and optional. If you want to modify the Kafka Topic and Notification List, enter the appropriate information accordingly.
  5. Click Add SAM.
    Note: In case the SSL certificate used in EDAA/CAS are not trusted, then you need to validate the certificates manually and confirm to proceed.