Disk metric type provides the metrics, properties and tags to represent the Disk performance of physical and virtual managed entities.

The VMware Telco Cloud Service Assurance collectors constructs this metric type with Disk performance metrics for network devices, servers, and virtual devices. In the VMware Telco Cloud Service Assurance out-of-the box reports, this metric type is used to show the summary of Disk performance trends per device and per Disk instance. Leverage this metric type to create custom reports to represent Disk performance using other Grafana widgets or new filters. Similarly, custom collectors can construct the metric type for the different vendor and create custom reports.

Example of the Disk Metric.

  "collectorType" : "Kafka-Collector",
  "collectorInstance" : "KC-1",
  "collectedTimestamp" : 1573186658,
  "processedTimestamp" : 1573186658,
  "metricType" : "Disk",
  "properties" : {
    "dataSource" : "",
    "deviceType" : "Host",
    "deviceName" : "Host-",
    "entityType" : "Disk",
    "entityName" : "Disk-node-113/m1"
  "metrics" : {
    "TotalDisk":     "100",
    "Capacity":     "100",
    "FreeCapacity":     "100",
    "PresentedCapacity":     "100",
    "UsedCapacity":     "100"
  "tags" : {
    "model" : "CAT-100",
   "version" : "",
    "customer" : "customer-1",
    "location" : "main street",
    "city" : "Zurich",
    "address" : "abc",
    "zip" : "90882",
    "region" : "region-1", 
    "deviceCoordinates" : "45.444348, -75.693934"

The following table includes JSON definitions.

JSON Description Units
TotalDisk Indicates the total disk space. GBytes
Capacity Indicates the size of the disk. GBytes
FreeCapacity Indicates the amount of free space on the disk. GBytes
PresentedCapacity Indicates the capacity of Disk presented to hosts by storage system. GBytes
UsedCapacity Indicates the amount of used space on the Disk. GBytes