You can configure NetFlow Collector to collect data from various data sources.


  1. To configure NetFlow Collector, navigate to Administration > Configuration > Collectors and Connectors.
  2. From the Collectors section, click Add.
  3. From the Collector Selection page, select network-traffic-flows.

    The external system to configure NetFlow data to the Domain Manager IP address (where the collector manager is running). And the Port number: 2055 from the collector configuration.

    After the NetFlow Collector is deployed, you can edit the NetFlow Collector configuration. The Node IP field displays the IP address of the node where the NetFlow collection is running on. The Node IP field is a read-only field in the NetFlow Collector configuration page.

    Note: The Node IP parameter appears only in the edit mode.
    The following table lists the parameters to configure the NetFlow Collector.
    Input Parameter Description Default Value
    Name of the collector Collector instance name NA
    Type Collector can listen to the following IP Flows type:
    • NetFlow (version 5 and 9)
    • sFlow (version 5)
    • IPFix

    The port number to listen for IP Flows.

    example flow ports = 2055,4739,9996,6343,9001

    Threads Number of threads to run for processing flows. It must be equivalent to number of CPU’s available for processing in Node. Value is in range of 1 to 8. 1