You can add variables at Dashboard level which can be used for filtering the data.

To add variables in a dashboard, follow the procedure:


  1. Click Dashboard Settings.
  2. Click Variables in the left pane.
  3. Click New to add new variable.
    New Variable wizard opens up:
    Note: In the above example JobOwner variable is being added.
  4. Add Name of the variable.
  5. Under Query Options, select NCM-PostgreSQL as Data Source.
  6. Add Query to be used for getting the variable values.
  7. If required add the Regex.
  8. Enable Multi-value and Include All Option, under Selection Options.
  9. Click Add to add the variable.
    Note: Preview of values shows the values of the variable as queried by query.
  10. To go to the Dashboard, click the Left Arrow on the top.
    You can see the newly created variable on the top of the dashboard with a drop down list
  11. To use this variable for filtering you can modify the queries of the dashboard and add where clause for owner and use the variable for filtering the data:
    For example: Where owner in (${JobOwner:singlequote})