This section provides a list of supported and not supported components.

Following supported components can be used for the backup and restore:
  • User Data
    • User Preferences
    • Roles
    • Policies
    • Keycloak user
  • Historical events data
  • Grafana Dashboards
  • Collectors configuration
  • Enrichment
  • Alarming and Analytics
  • Mappings for the Kafka Collector
  • Metrics backup
  • Dynamic Model
  • vSAN Storage
  • Across different clusters
  • Migration across Footprints
  • Backup and Restore are supported for Kubernetes resources configmap and secrets.
    Note: This is supported from lower to higher footprint or the same footprints.

Non-supported Components

Following components are not supported for the Backup and Restore:
  • Arango Database
  • Prometheus Database
  • Redis
  • Live Events