You can generate a single merged YAML file and upload it in VMware Telco Cloud Automation UI.


  • Run the to generate a single merged_yamls.yaml file.
    root [ ~/tcx-deployer/scripts ]# ./ -c tkg -f 25k -o 
    Ouput Merged yaml: merged_yamls.yaml
    Please upload this file as the 'additionalValuesFile' during TCSA instantiation on TCA.
    root [ ~/tcx-deployer/scripts ]#
    1. Enter the correct footprint for the -f parameter. For example, -f 25k for the 25 K footprint, -f 50k for the 50 K footprint, and so on.
    2. Enter tkg as the value for the -c argument.
    3. For the -o parameter, select the location of the output file. Verify that this path is visible in the underlying machine on which you are running the Deployment Container so that you can copy or upload it to VMware Telco Cloud Automation.
    4. Copy the merged YAML file to your local machine that you are using to access the VMware Telco Cloud Automation manager UI. Upload this file while you instantiate the VMware Telco Cloud Service Assurance CNF.