If you completely shutdown and restart the VMware Telco Cloud Service Assurance, you do not have to stop all operations. You can still take a backup in case the environment is not available after an extended period.

For Tanzu Kubernetes Grid deployments, you must scale down the Workload cluster. For more information, see Working with Kubernetes Clusters in the VMware Telco Cloud Automation User Guide.

For Azure deployments, navigate to the portal and select the Kubernetes service hosting the VMware Telco Cloud Service Assurance deployment. Select the option to Stop the service. All the cluster nodes for the associated node pool can be stopped. To restart the Kubernetes service, select the Start option.

For AWS deployments, navigate to the portal, and on the list of EKS clusters, select your cluster. On the middle tab, select the Compute tab. In the Node Group configuration, edit the node group to change the desired minimum and maximum capacities to 0.