This section provides information about demo and HA-based footpints and collectors.

Static IP Address Requirement for Kubernetes Control Plane

A set of static virtual IP addresses must be available for all the clusters that you create, including both management and VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid clusters.
  • Every cluster that you deploy to vSphere requires one static IP address for Kube-Vip to use for the API server endpoint. You specify this static IP address when you deploy a management cluster. Make sure that these IP addresses are not in the DHCP range but are in the same subnet as the DHCP range. Before you deploy management clusters to vSphere, make a DHCP reservation for Kube-Vip on your DHCP server. Use an auto-generated MAC Address when you make the DHCP reservation for Kube-Vip so that the DHCP server does not assign this IP to other machines.
  • Each control plane node of every cluster that you deploy requires a static IP address. This includes both management clusters and VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid clusters. These static IP addresses are required in addition to the static IP address that you assign to Kube-Vip when you deploy a management cluster. To make the IP addresses that your DHCP server assigned to the control plane nodes static, you can configure a DHCP reservation for each control plane node in the cluster, after you deploy it. For instructions on how to configure DHCP reservations, see your DHCP server documentation.

    For more information, see the VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid documentation.