This section lists the different collectors and their performance capabilities for demo and HA footprints.

Collector Name Demo (750 devices) 25 K 75 K 100 K 125 K 150 K 175 K 200 K
Traffic Flows (per second) 1 K 1.25 K 3.75 K 5 K 6.25 K 7.5 K 8.75 K 10 K
IPSLA Collectors Maximum of 100 IPSLA devices supported across all footprints.
Supports 32 probes per device.
VMware vROps Collectors Maximum of 1K notifications per 5 minutes polling interval. Maximum of 6K notifications per 5 minutes polling interval.
Number of CNFs supported per NFV-SOL collector Maximum of 100 CNFs. Maximum of 10K CNFs.
Number of pods supported per VMware vROps collector Maximum of 750 pods. Maximum of 10K pods.
VIMs 50 bono and 50 sprouts services.
Cisco ACI Collectors Maximum of 150 switches per ACI collector.
Kafka to Kafka collector for M&R data ingestion 300 K metrics. 6 million metrics.
Kafka to Kafka collector for performance data ingestion Maximum limit is driven by the footprint metrics limit. For example, in 25K footprint, Kafka to Kafka collector can support upto 10 million metrics per 5 minutes.