The sm_deploy has the following command-line options:

  • --install=<dir> – To install the utility.

  • --create=<file> – To create the deployment package.

  • --deploy=<file> – To deploy the package.

  • --rollback – To rollback the configuration changes.

  • --broker – The broker to which the SAM server is attached. Use this option to collect configuration settings from SAM RPS.

  • --server – The SAM server whose configuration settings from RPS are to be collected.

  • --clean – To clean the files in the local directory.

  • --silent

  • --sitemod – To specify customer specific local directories.

  • --help

    The deployment utility must be used with at least one of these options.


    If you want to run this utility from older versions of products, you must copy the script, script and, the Perl files packaged in a .zip file from the 11.2.0 installation to the corresponding locations in the old installation.