Configuration required to collect data from rest/kafka endpoint

To collect data from rest/kafka endpoint, which is required to create rest/kafka custom collector, need to add/modify config.json file based on schema file config_input_schema.json, explained in section Configuration Input Schema for validation

  • Config.json

For rest custom collecor:

"host": "",  
"verify_ssl": false,  
"username": "admin",  
"password": "changeme",  
"assert_hostname": "",  "ssl_ca_cert":"/Users/user/Desktop/example.cert"

For Kafka custom collcetor

"bootstrap_server": "",  
"num_workers": 1,  
"topic_name": "sample_input",  
"group_id": "sample_group",  
"auto_offset_reset": "latest",  
"enable.partition.eof": false,  
"num_threads": 4,  
    "timeout": 300,    
    "auth_type": "plaintext",    
    "username": "kafka",    
    "password": "kafka",    
    "extras": {      
        "extra_timeout": 200,      
        "data_secret": "data"    
"sink": {    
    "topic": "output-events",    
    "properties": {      
        "bootstrap_servers": "edge-kafka-bootstrap:9093"