The Dynamic Discovery is the discovery of 5G core topology in ESM that happens out of the preconfigured discovery cycle. The discovery in ESM happens periodically. The period of regular discovery in ESM is configurable and typically it is for twenty four hours. However, the topology of 5G core can change significantly with in short span of time in 5G deployment. To discover the topology, ESM must trigger the discovery based on certain criterion. For example, failure of Kubernetes cluster node, VM, pod, and so on.

The prerequisites for Dynamic Discovery is as follows:
  • Verify that configuration of Kubernetes discovery using VMware vROps is done.
  • Verify that Kubernetes elements are discovered and monitored.
  • The IsCNFDynamicDiscovery flag in ESM.import file in ESM Server must be set to TRUE. This requires a restart of the ESM Server.
Triggering point for Dynamic Discovery of Kubernetes topology is as follows:
  • If any one of KubernetesMaster, KubernetesWorker, KubernetesPod, Container, or KubernetesService attribute IsUnHealthy and changed to True.
  • If the difference between current time and lastDynamicDiscoveryFinishedToSec is more than performDynamicDiscoveryThreshold.
The following table lists the attributes that control Dynamic Discovery:
Attribute Name Class Name Default Value Description
IsCNFDynamicDiscovery ESM_Manager False This setting is used to enable and disable Dynamic Discovery.

After the attribute is changed, ESM server must be restarted for the change to be effective.

DynamicDiscoveryThreshold VropsServiceThresholdSetting Twenty Minutes This setting applies to vROps object.

The value of DynamicDiscoveryThreshold attribute is in minutes that must pass before Server Manager performs Dynamic Discovery. The value of the atttribute can be modified using vROps Thresholds.

You can find vROps Thresholds in Thresholds tab in Polling & Threshold window of ESM Domain Manager. Changing this value requires reconfiguring the Domain Manager.

inDynamicDiscovery VropsService False

The Dynamic Discovery for VRops service is in progress if the value is True. As a result, even if both the conditions for triggering Dynamic Discovery are True, you cannot see the progress of discovery.

RemoveK8SDeletedElement ESM_Manager True If the value is True, remove the dysfunctional Kubernetes element during discovery.
Note: For the Dynamic Discovery to be enabled, the following flag settings must be set:
  1. IsCNFDynamicDiscovery flag msut be set to True in ESM.import file in the ESM Install.
    Run the sm_edit command from the bin directory of the ESM Server Install.
    ./sm_edit ../conf/esm/ESM.import

    IsCNFDynamicDiscovery True

    You must restart the ESM server for the settings to take effect.

  2. You must provide the time interval at which the Dynamic Discovery will be triggered in minutes.

    Navigate to the Polling & Threshold of ESM Server (by attaching the ESM Server to the SAM Console) Threshold > vROPS Threshold > VropsService Thresholds > Vrops Thresholds.

    Set the value of DynamicDiscoveryThreshold in minutes. By default, it is twenty minutes.

  3. New addition of Kuberenetes elements does not trigger Dynamic Discovery.