This sections provides information on how to discover vIMS using Cloudify as Orchestrator.


All the servers including IP, SAM, and ESM should up and running.

Discovery Steps for vIMS:

Depending on the customer environment there are 2 cases:
  1. This has to be the final step that trigger the discovery of Cloudify components in the ESM server. So a prerequisite is that the ESM is installed and configured before executing this step.
    • Case 1: ICMP is enabled on the Cloudify.The Cloudify orchestrator need to be discovered in IP domain which in turn trigger the ESM for Cloudify specific discovery. If ICMP pings are enabled on Cloudify the Cloudify has to be discovered as an ICMPONLY device. Refer IP Manager user guide Chapter 11 "Discovery" , subsection "Starting discovery".
    • Case 2: ICMP is not enabled on the Cloudify. In this case the Cloudify host needs to be created using the following dmctl command replacing the "<ip address>" with the Cloudify ip address:
      create Host::<ip address>
      create SNMPAgent::SNMPAgent-<ip address>
      create IP::IP-<ip address>
      insert Host::<ip address>::HostsServices SNMPAgent::SNMPAgent-<ip address>
      insert Host::<ip address>::HostsAccessPoints IP::IP-<ip address>
      put SNMPAgent::SNMPAgent-<ip address>::AgentAddress <ip address>
      get SNMPAgent::SNMPAgent-<ip address>::LayeredOver
      insert SNMPAgent::SNMPAgent-<ip address>::LayeredOver IP::IP-<ip address>