Flexible Scaling provides you the ability to independently scale up services based on number of Devices, Events, Metrics, definitions, and so on as listed in the following table.

To accomplish Flexible Scaling, you must first deploy the Base footprint as recommended in the sizing sheet and then perform the Flexible Scaling as per the recommendation provided in the sizing sheet. For more information on the list of supported Base footprints, see Demo and HA-Based System Requirements.

For Flexible Scaling system requirements, see VMware Telco Cloud Service Assurance Sizing Sheet.

The following table provides the values supported for the scaling parameters.
Scaling Parameter Value
Number of Managed Devices 25 K to 1 million.
Number of incoming Events 250 K to 10 million.
Number of incoming Metrics 10 million to 80 million.
Retention Period 1 week to 7 weeks.
Number of Alarm definitions 1 to 10 jobs.
Number of Anomaly definitions 1 to 10 jobs.
Number of Enrichment definitions 1 to 6 jobs.
Number of Concurrent Users 60