In this topic, you can find information about the methods for accessing individual maps and how to navigate among maps.


  1. Go to https://Telcocloud serviceassurance-ui-IP.
    A typical default URL for logging in to the user interface from the same system on which VMware Telco Cloud Service Assurance is installed is, https://10.x.x.x.
  2. On the login screen, enter your username and password.
  3. Click Next.
    The Notification Console opens.
  4. Click Topology > Topology Map.
    The default console page appears.
  5. Select the appropriate domain name in the Filter section.
    Note: You can also select multiple domain name source.
  6. Select the appropriate entity from the All Instance Types drop-down.
  7. After selecting the entity type, select for the device from the Search text box.
    Once you click the device, in the search option the desired map appears in the right side window.