This section illustrates the procedure of updating device access settings for Kafka in IP Availability and Performance Manager.


Ensure that, the VMware Telco Cloud Service Assurance is deployed.


  1. Click Device Access tab at the bottom of Polling and Thresholds window.
  2. Expand Kafka Bus Access Group > Settings.
  3. Click Kafka Access Setting.
    KafkaBroker must be populated with Kafka Edge IP address as Kafka-edge followed by Kafka port. For example : kafka-edge:32092
  4. Enter Kafka user name as kafka-scram-sha-512-client-credentials.
  5. Enter Kafka password as obtained, from the Enable TLS for Edge Kafka section.
  6. Set TLSEnabled to true.
  7. Enter any name for Discovery topic.
    Default is dcftopo.
  8. Enter any name for Monitoring topic.
    Default is dcfmon.
  9. Enter Trust Store Location where the certs are copied to.
    For example: /opt/InCharge/IP/smarts/local/conf/certs/cacerts
  10. Enter Trust Store password.
  11. Click Apply to apply the settings.
  12. Click Reconfigure to accept the configuration on the server.