The Server Manager discover various vIMS components using REST API interface of Cloudify Orchestrator.

Note: IP and ESM servers must be from the VMware Telco Cloud Service Assurance Domain Managers in order for Cisco ACI Controller to be discovered.
The discovered vIMS components are:
  • CallSessionControlFunction (P-CSCF & I/S-CSCF)
  • HSSMirrorFunction (HSS/CDF)
  • XMLDocumentManagementServer (XDMS)
  • VIMSApplicationService
  • CallSessionControlFunctionsGroup
  • HSSMirrorFunctionGroup
  • XMLDocumentManagementServersGroup
  • VIMSApplicationService Group
  • Tenant
  • IPMultimediaSubSystem (IMS)
  • VNFManager
  • Orchestrator