The Notification View provides a set of notification events, that defines the profile associated with the user. The notification information can include the type of event, the network element that is affected, and the severity of the event.

Default Notification Console Page

To view the default summary view page, navigate to Operations > Notification Console > Default Notification Console, where the default created log displays.

You can perform the following operations on Default Notification Console: Notification Console
  • Actions:
    • Edit console: Allows you to edit existing notification console.
    • Clone console: Allows you to clone the complete notification console.
    • Share console: Allows you to share the console view with the different user roles.
  • Add Console: Allows you to add a new notification console.
From a notification view you can:
  • Customize views to display different events.
  • Customize the views to display multiple event lists in a single notification view, as needed.
As a VMware Telco Cloud Service Assurance user, you can access the details of the event using the notification properties details tab. The notification properties tab provides detailed information about a selected notification. Properties include attributes and values related to the event, and elements impacted due to this event.
Note: VMware Telco Cloud Service Assurance does not access EDAA, when a CAS server is configured in the SAM Domain Manager server.