The types of maps that are available depend on your license(s) and user profile. The Group maps need to be configured by your administrator and might not be available for your session.

Network topology maps

The network topology maps and related classes are available for the IP Availability Manager or IP Performance Manager.

Network topology maps contain elements such as IP networks, VLANs, routers, switches, and hosts, and various types of connections such as cables and trunk cables. The maps typically depict connectivity between elements or device membership.

Types of network topology maps are:
  • Physical Connectivity Map
  • IP Network Connectivity Map
  • IP Network Membership Map
  • VLAN Connectivity Map
  • VLAN Membership Map

Business Services maps

The Business Services map and related classes are available for the Business Impact Manager (BIM).

Business Services maps display service subscribers (organizations, business units, lines of business (LOBs), departments, and customers), business processes, service offerings (for example, order capture, Router Services, Domain Name Service), software services (for example, InCharge services), redundancy groups, and related elements. The Business Services maps are available for infrastructure elements in the Topology tab and groups in the Groups tab.

Applications map

The Applications map and related classes are available for the Application Insight Domain Manager and Application Connectivity Monitor Domain Manager.

An Applications map displays the topological elements related to the delivery of application services. Such elements might include the systems that host software services, redundancy groups, and checks.

Network Protocol Manager Connectivity maps

Network Protocol Manager (NPM) maps depict BGP and OSPF topologies and connectivity between topological elements.

Types of NPM maps are:
  • An OSPF topology map contains elements such as OSPF areas, services, networks, neighbor relationships, and virtual links and relationships, and connections.
  • A BGP topology map contains elements such as autonomous systems, BGP services, and BGP sessions; and relationships and connections.
  • An EIGRP topology map contains EIGRP elements along with their relationships and connections.
  • An IS-IS topology map shows the status of the IS-IS and transport network elements and their many relationships.

Multiprotocol Label Switching maps

Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) maps depict MPLS topology. The maps might contain router, LSP, LSP hop, VPN, VRF, Forwarder, and PseudoWire elements, along with their relationships and connections.

Types of MPLS maps are:
  • LSP map
  • LSP Hops map
  • VPN map
  • PseudoWire map
Following are the some common network topology maps present in the VMware Telco Cloud Service Assurance user interface:
  • SDN-PhysicalConnectivitySDN-PhysicalConnectivity Map
  • SDN-LogicalConnectivitySDN-LogicalConnectivity Map
  • SDN-ConnectivitySDN-Connectivity Map
  • SDN-ControllerInfrastructureSDN-ControllerInfrastructure Map
  • vRouter-ConnectivityvRouter-Connectivity Map
  • CloudController Application MapCloudController Application Map
  • VSwitchConnectivityvSwitch Connectivity Map
  • ILAG ConnectivityILAG Connectivity Map
  • IPNetwork ConnectivityIPNetwork Connectivity Map
  • IPNetwork MembershipIPNetwork Membership Map
  • Physical Connectivity- IPNetworkPhysical Connectivity- IPNetwork Map
  • LAG ConnectivityLAG Connectivity Map
  • Physical ConnectivityPhysical Connectivity Map
  • VLAN ConnectivityVLan Connectivity Map
  • VLAN MembershipVLAN Membership Map
  • Physical Connectivity VLANPhysical Connectivity VLAN Map
  • Aggregate Link DetailAggregate Link Detail Map
  • AggregateInterface Link DetailAggregateInterface Link Detail Map
  • BGPBGP Connectivity Map
  • OSPF ConnectivityOSPF Connectivity Map
  • OSPF Network ConnectivityOSPF Network Connectivity Map
  • ISIS ConnectivityISIS Connectivity Map
  • ISIS Network ConnectivityISIS Network Connectivity Map
  • EIGRP ConnectivityEIGRP Connectivity Map
  • EIGRP Network ConnectivityEIGRP Network Connectivity Map
  • Virtual Infrastructure MapVirtual Infrastructure Map
  • Tenant Connectivity MapTenant Connectivity Map
  • LSP
  • LSP Hops
  • PseudoWire