You can adjust or fine-tune the appearance of your map in multiple ways.

To adjust the appearance, in the right panel of the user interface:
  • Select the desired connectivity from the drop-down menu.

  • Increase the hop of the Map by clicking the (+) sign and decrease the hop by clicking (-) sign.

  • Search

  • Change the layout to any of the follows: Organic/ Heirarchy/ Circular/ Radial /Tree.

    Objects in your map are rearranged and the layout indicator changes accordingly.

  • Export: To export the topology map as a SVG image use the Export option in the toolbar.

  • Multiple connections (+): When there are multiple connections between the same nodes in the topology map, it is represented as a plus(+) label on the connection. To select the list of connections, click the plus (+).

  • Expand Node: If a node is having a plus(+) label, then it can be expanded by right-clicking and selecting the expand option.

  • New root selection: To select a node as the new root node, so that hop changes are in relation to this new root. Select the node and right click and select the new root option.