Fulfill the following prerequisites before starting the upgrade installation:

  • Ensure that you have superuser (User ID 0) or administrative privileges on the target host. The installation program will halt if you do not have the appropriate privileges.

  • Ensure that the required operating system patches have been installed. Clicking More Information during the installation process will launch the System Information window and the Pass/Fail status of the operating system patches. The Support Matrix provides information on operating system patches.

  • Remove all the unused files in the /local directory. The unused files will also include RPS files and custom files created by you. The upgrade process uses the sm_migrate utility that creates a backup of all the files in the local directory and copies them back to local directory after the upgrade. RPS and custom files can be large, and may slow down the process.

  • Disk space requirement—During an upgrade installation, the installer creates a backup of files in actions, conf, model, repos, rules, script directories. Ensure that you have disk space of twice the size of these directories available on the system. After the upgrade and verifying the installation, you can archive or remove the backup directories. This requirement is in addition to the minimum disc requirement outlined for each product in the Support Matrix.