If you want to run the new version of the 2.3.0 product before decommissioning the previous version, you must:

  1. Install the new version of the 2.3.0 product on a different host.

  2. Migrate any customized configuration file changes to the new installation.

    Detailed instructions are described in “Migration procedure for a different host” on page 69.

    Since the two installations are on different hosts, you can run both installations in parallel. You have the option of:

    • Having both installations connect to the same Global Manager and Broker.

      Managers registered with the same Broker must have unique names. In this scenario, stop and rename the services for the previous version and, when you install the 2.3.0 product, the installation program will use the default server names.

    • Having multiple instances of the Global Manager and Broker with each instance assigned to a different version of the product.

      For a production environment, VMware, Inc. recommends that you decommission the previous version of product.

  3. Start with the top-most SAM server.

  4. An Aggregation SAM server if it is a hierarchical SAM deployment.

  5. IP Manager.

  6. Any order: Server Manager.