The sm_migrate utility is used to migrate user-customized files from an old installation to a new installation, where the old installation and the new installation are in different installation directories or, for an upgrade installation, in the same installation directory. User-customized files include user-modified files (using sm_edit), user-introduced files, and the repository file.


If TTPs (Temporary Test Patch) are installed on a previous installation of SAM, you must first uninstall the TTP and then run the utility. Else, TTP files will be treated as files modified by you and copied to the local directory in the new installation area.

When migrating a customized file from an old installation to a new installation, if a file with the same name exists in the local directory of the new installation, the Customization Migration Utility does not modify or overwrite it. The utility skips all such files being considered for merging. For files being considered to be copied-over, the utility migrates the files with the old version number appended to the file name.