You use roles to manage access control for user accounts in VMware Telco Cloud Service Assurance.

In this procedure, you add a new role and assign administrative permissions to the role.


  1. Navigate to Administration > Access > Role.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Enter the Name of the role.
  4. Provide description about the role in the Description.
  5. In Policy Assignment section:
    1. Select the policy from the drop-down.
      Note: Admin can select any policy from the list. Predefined policy "default_wo_filter" allow access to all data.
    2. Provide the name for the policy assignment.
    3. Provide the description for the policy assignment.
  6. In the Filter Details section select the proper value for the following:
    1. Select the required Property from the drop-down.
    2. Select the Expression type from the drop-down.
    3. Provide the Value.
    • For some specific boolean columns, select Yes or No from the dropdown.
    • For a selected integer or string column, provide the exact value as input.
    • To add multiple values for a single attribute, click "+" icon. The operation is "OR" between the values like ("ROUTER" "MATCHES" "SWITCH OR ROUTER "). To remove any attribute, click the cross icon.
    • Within the filter set, all operations are "AND" operations and between the filter set all operation are "OR" operation.
    • For one attribute, you can have multiple values.
  7. In Permission Assignment, select the required options.
  8. Enter Group name in the Group Assignment.
    Note: Group name must match exactly with LDAP/KeyClock Group. Group names are case-sensitive.
  9. Click Finish.