The MSIStreaming parameter determines the use of .cab files that can affect application performance.

The default setting is MSIStreaming=0. With this value, the packaged .exe files and .dat files are compressed in the .cab file. Disabling the parameter in Package.ini has the same effect as setting the value to 0. When the MSI runs, the packaged files are extracted to the Program Files directory of the Windows operating system, and registered either to the user or the system, depending on other Package.ini settings.

Setting the parameter value MSIStreaming=1, results in the packaged.exe files and.dat files being excluded from the .cab file, and subsequently from the .msi file. This value enables a choice to be made during deployment between registering the application from a network share or installing in theProgram Files directory of the Windows operating system.

If you set this value, ensure that both the MSI and the .exe and .dat files of the ThinApp package are available on the network share.

Modifying the MSIStreaming Parameter

You can modify the MSIStreaming parameter to ignore a .cab file when it slows down the installation process for applications. You can distribute the MSI file and individual executable files in the /bin directory to install the application.