The Application Sync utility keeps deployed virtual applications up to date. When an application starts, the Application Sync utility can query a Web server to determine if an updated version of the package is available. If an update is available, ThinApp downloads the differences between the existing package and the new package and constructs an updated version of the package.

The Application Sync utility downloads updates in the background. You can continue to use an old version of the application. If the user quits the application before the download is complete, the download resumes when the virtual application starts again.The next time that the application starts after the download is complete, ThinApp activates the new version.

You must uncomment the AppSyncURL parameter to activate all Application Sync parameters. The following entries are the default settings for Application Sync parameters:

AppSyncWarningMessage=This application will become unavailable for use in AppSyncWarningPeriod
days if it cannot contact its update server. Check your network connection to ensure
uninterrupted service
AppSyncExpireMessage=This application has been unable to contact its update server for
AppSyncExpirePeriod days, so it is unavailable for use. Check your network connection and try