The MSIProductVersion parameter specifies a product version number for the MSI database to facilitate version control. This version number is unrelated to the application version or the ThinApp version.

ThinApp assigns an initial version of 1.0. This version appears in the properties of the database.

When you deploy a package to a machine that already has the package installed, Windows Installer checks the version numbers and blocks the installation of an older version over an updated version. In this situation, you must uninstall the new version.

The MSIProductVersion parameter works only when the MSIFilename parameter requests the generation of a Windows Installer database.

Modifying the MSIProductVersion Parameter

You can change the value of the MSIProductVersion parameter when you change the MSI package. A value of 2.0 causes ThinApp to uninstall a 1.0 version of the package and install the 2.0 version of the package.


The format of the MSIProductVersion value is X.Y.Z. The values of X and Y range from 0 to 255, and the value of Z ranges from 0 to 65536.