The OptionalAppLinksparameter is similar to the RequireAppLinks parameter but ignores errors and starts the main application even when an import operation fails.

You must create a link to the primary data container of a package. You cannot link to other shortcut packages.

Path names are on the deployment machine because the linking takes effect at runtime on the client machine. You can specify absolute paths, such as C:\abs\path\dotnet.exe, relative paths, such as relpath\dotnet.exe, and UNC paths, such as \\server\share\dotnet.exe.

RequireAppLinks and OptionalAppLinksparameters use the same syntax. For information about the RequireAppLinksparameter and examples, see RequiredAppLinks Parameter.

When using the Application Link utility via the OptionalAppLinks parameter, the base package and linked dependencies must be built with the same version of ThinApp. To upgrade older packages to include the latest version of the ThinApp runtime, use the relink.exe command‐line utility included with ThinApp.