These sample commands can be used with the snapshot.exe utility.

The parameters are not case-sensitive.

The commands are wrapped in the Command column because of space constraints.

Table 1. snapshot.exe Sample Commands



snapshot C:\Capture.snapshot

Captures a complete snapshot of local drives and registry to the file C:\Capture.snapshot.

snapshot C:\Capture.snapshot C:\ E:\

Captures a complete snapshot of the C:\ and E:\ drives. ThinApp does not capture registry information.

snapshot C:\Capture.snapshot C:\data.snapshot C:\ HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE

Captures a complete snapshot of the C:\ drive and all of the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT registry subtree.

snapshot C:\Original.snapshot -Diff C:\NewEnvironment.snapshot C:\MyProject

Generates a ThinApp project directory by comparing two snapshots.

snapshot Original.snapshot -DiffPrint NewEnvironment.snapshot

Displays differences between two captured snapshots.

snapshot C:\data.snapshot C:\ HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE

Saves the state of the computer file system and registry.

snapshot C:\start.snapshot -diffprint C:\end.snapshot

Compares two recorded states.

snapshot C:\start.snapshot -print

Prints the contents of a saved state.

snapshot C:\start.snapshot -SuggestProject C:\end.snapshot C:\project.ini

Generates a ThinApp project by comparing two saved states.