With the ThinApp Application Sync utility, you can update entire virtual application packages. The Application Sync utility is useful for upating virtual applications that are not automatically updated in a managed computer environment by some other process.

The utility is useful for deploying updates when a user opens the application, for administrator-triggered updates when a user does not have Write permissions for the application's executable location, and for administrator-triggered updates for testing Application Sync updates.

The Application Sync utility keeps deployed virtual applications up to date. When an application starts with this utility enabled, the application queries a Web server to determine if an updated version of the executable file is available. If an update is available, the differences between the existing package and the new package are downloaded and used to construct an updated version of the package. The updated package is used for future launches.

The Application Sync utility is useful for major configuration updates to the application. For example, you might update Firefox to the next major version. Remote users or users who are not connected to the corporate network can make use of the Application Sync utility by embedding update settings within the package and using any Web server to store the updated version of the package.