You can deploy the sandbox to a local user machine, carry it on a mobile USB device, or store it in a network location.

A network location is useful for backing up the sandbox and for users who log in to any computer and keep their application settings. Use the absolute path to the location, such as \\thinapp\sandbox\Firefox. You can select a network location even if an application is installed on a local machine.

A portable device location is useful to keep the sandbox data on the device where the application resides.


If you deploy the sandbox to a local machine, use the user's profile as the sandbox location.

The default location of the sandbox for Firefox might be %AppData%\Thinstall\Mozilla Firefox 3.0. The typical %AppData% location is C:\Documents and Settings\<user_name>\Application Data. The user’s profile is the default location because of the write access.


  • In the Sandbox window, select the user's profile, application directory, or custom location for the sandbox.