The snapshot.exe utility creates a snapshot file of a machine state. ThinApp captures the machine state and saves it to a single file to create a project.

The snapshot.exe utility saves a copy of registry data and file system metadata that includes paths, filenames, sizes, attributes, and timestamps.


snapshot.exe SnapshotFileName.snapshot [-Config ConfigFile.ini][BaseDir1][BaseDir2][BaseReg1

Create Machine Snapshot

Use the following example to create a machine snapshot.

Snapshot My.snapshot
Snapshot My.snapshot –Config MyExclusions.ini
Snapshot My.snapshot C:\MyAppDirectory HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\MyApp


The options specify the directories or subkeys in the snapshot.

Table 1. Snapshot Directories and Subkeys
Option Description
-Config ConfigFile.ini

Specifies directories or registry subkeys to exclude during snapshot creation.

If you do not specify a configuration file, ThinApp uses the snapshot.ini file from the ThinApp installation directory.


Specifies one or more base directories to include in the scan. If you do not specify base directories, the snapshot.exe utility scans C:\ and all subdirectories.

If you scan a machine where Windows or program files are installed on different disks, include these drives in the scan.

If you know that your application installation creates or modifies files in fixed locations, specify these directories to reduce the total time required to scan a machine.


Species one or more base registry subkeys to include in the scan. If you do not specify registry subkeys, the snapshot.exe utility scans the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and HKEY_USERS keys.