The ExcludePattern parameter excludes files or directories during the application build process.

You must add a [FileList] heading before this parameter entry.

You can use a comma to separate patterns in the list. Wildcards (*) match none of the characters or at least one of the characters and question marks (?) match exactly one character. The syntax is similar to the DOS dir command, but you can apply wildcard characters to directory names and filenames.

You can specify the ExcludePattern parameter in the Package.ini file, where the pattern exclusion applies to the entire directory structure, and in the ##Attributes.ini file, where ThinApp adds the pattern exclusion to the current list of exclusions, but applies settings only to the specific directory and subdirectories. You can create a different exclusion list for different directories in your project.

Excluding Version Control Information From the Virtual File System

If you store packages in a version control system and you want to exclude version control information from the virtual file system, you can exclude any directories called .svn or .cvs and all the subdirectories.


The pattern does not match filenames or directories that contain .svn or .cvs in the middle of the string.

Excluding Paths That End With .bak or .msi

You can exclude any path that ends with .bak or .msi.