The MSIArpProductIcon parameter specifies the icon that is used to represent the application in the Windows Add or Remove Programs dialog. The icon can reside in ICO, DLL, or executable files.

Note: Do not modify this parameter. If an MSI package does not have an application icon, the application appears with a generic icon.

Specifying an Icon using MSIArpProductIcon Parameter

The MSIArpProductIcon parameter can specify an icon for Microsoft Office 2007. This example uses an index number to point to the first icon inside a DLL file.

MSIArpProductIcon=%Program Files Common%\Microsoft Shared\OFFICE12\
Office Setup Controller\OSETUP.DLL,1

The <icon_index_number> entry in this MSIArpProductIcon=<path_to_icon_file>[,<icon_index_number>] format is applied only when multiple icons are available in a DLL file or executable file.